Vocal Bliss

In a Vocal Bliss session I tune into your auric field and allow for the messages you are meant to hear in that moment to flow through me. I sing them to you. 

They may contain words or simply sounds, or light language.

The sounds you will hear are specifically for you. They are deeply healing, beyond what the mind can understand.

One session will last up to 1 hour (including our conversation prior and post channeling).



Mirroring Alchemy

In a Mirroring Alchemy session, I mirror back to you what I feel from you. It can be a simple conversation or a deep and intense healing work of transmuting a rooted fear.

I offer Presence and I connect to the highest vibrations to mirror back to you what you need to hear.

Together we make a Quantum leap into a new timeline.

One session lasts between 1 hour and 90 minutes.


Vocal Bliss + Mirroring Alchemy



Baby Whispers

I have a special way of communicating with babies. We tune into each other's field, and I calm them down thanks to the effect of mirror neurons. 

My singing voice has a direct calming impact on their state, especially if they're going through a lot of anxiety.

I will take care of your baby and give them a special soothing moment for 1 to 2 hours.


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