We are the fractal experience of Grace.
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on navigating the new paradigm


guiding you to a higher frequency

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Intuitive Reading - 1h
Intuitive Reading - 1h

€222 - 1hour - via Zoom or in person (Paris/Nogent). Keep the recording. Deep dive into you, shedding light on your blockages

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Vocal Activation & Healing - 30min
Vocal Activation & Healing - 30min

€55 - 30 minutes - via Zoom Keep the recording Specifically channeled for you.

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High Vibrational Audio Recording
High Vibrational Audio Recording

€33 - a few minutes - receive the recording and listen in your own time. Specifically channeled for you.

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To book a session or request a recording, please send me a message through the CONNECT page, and I'll get back to you to set a time.


Feel free to ask any questions!

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Your only purpose here on Earth is to receive the bliss that you are in each moment, in your own unique way. Your unique personal set of fears, traumas and limiting beliefs seem to be the obstacle, but truly, they are your golden ticket to the heaven you were meant to live on earth, if you learn to perceive them as such.

Your emotions of every now are here for you, and you are here to meet them, and listen.

We are transforming as we remember this.

This space was created so that we can live through the chrysalis, in bliss.

I heal when I embody the knowing that I am already whole. I shine when I vibrate at that frequency. I heal the world by seeing the divinity of its state as it is. I do not desire to fix it because I see it is already whole and perfect. Everything I see is a reflection of a part of me, as I address it within me through my emotions, I address it in the world.

We are alchemists.

Client love

Rafaëlle's voice is so precise, it operates like a laser beam on your soul, to activate exactly what needs to be.

Kelly Aura

I had an Akashic Records reading with Rafaelle few months ago and I am still very moved by it. It was such a Deep Energetic Transmission like I have never experienced before.

I could address and receive healing for issues that I have been dealing with my whole life. It helped me to get to the core of my beliefs that are holding me back from living my Highest Potential. After the session I felt like a new born person and I still do.

I am beyond grateful for this otherworldly and life-changing experience. Rafaelle is an incredible channel, very powerful, generous, compassionate and highly intuitive! I've never received healing on such a Deep Soul level.

I felt a great sense of Peace and feelings of Unconditional Love. I'm still in a state of Awe and Immense Gratitude for Rafaelle's gift to access such High Frequency perspective!

Ewelina Bochenska


That was truly a gift from the heavens...

Your singing is sublime, the essence of everyone’s soul fully clear... Thank you.

Schirin Chams-Diba


If you are looking for an incredible songstress for a vocal alchemy session this beauty is your angel... I've been witness as well as have received and let me tell you... you'll never be the same.

Stacey Cooper