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Receive messages your guides want you to hear.

The Akashas are the data stored in the void between the elements. It is not in space or time, it contains all that has been, all that could be, and all that is.


I will connect to your specific Akashic Records, and give you the insights I receive to support your growth and bliss, for the good of all.

If you already are conscious of the laws, but you feel like you are lost on your path and need tools to embody the light that you know you are, to undo the guilting and shaming habits of the perfectionist or ego driven world, if you desire to learn how to love yourself as you are and let your expression shine freely, I can guide you through shadow work, inner-child work, and by sharing akashic readings about what your guides want you to know. It includes a vocal alchemy session if you desire it.


Or if you are rather rational and also curious about what this "awakening" thing is, or how meditation really works, what alchemy is, or how the beautiful laws of resonance apply to our thoughts just as well as tangible magnetic objects, or if you’re simply wondering what the flute I’m talking about and want to know more, I am here to translate it to you and we can have a conversation about it.

€150 / $185

My work is to raise my vibration each day, so that I may be a clear channel for the codes of Oneness, and shine them onto the world in every moment.


In private or group sessions, I simply allow for what needs to come through to come through. I activate your inner codes, and anything can happen from there. We are led by divine intuition, and I listen.

RECEIVE a {free} light language transmission from Oneness,

& be a part of the bliss chrysalis

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