Vocal Alchemy
group session

Receive the song of your soul, channeled in the moment, just for you.


Every Wednesday ONLINE
10am PST / 6pm London / 7pm Paris 





My intention in this offering is to share deep harmonic codes of activation for your entire bodies. You will be receiving healing messages, from your own soul to you, through me. Whether you are aware of it or not, they will be received exactly as they need to be. That is the pure magic of Vocal Alchemy. 



I will be guiding you through:

⚘ An invitation to get ready to receive, in my own special way.

⚘ A collective Vocal Alchemy activation for all people present.

⚘ A personal channeling for those who desire it.

⚘ My answers to all your questions (last 15 minutes).

The world as we know it is shifting and I am too! Many codes are wanting to come through. 
Thank you to all the wonderful human beings who have encouraged me to share my voice.

Blissfully yours

Vocal Alchemy


private session

In a Vocal Alchemy session I tune into your auric field and allow for the messages you are meant to hear in that moment to flow through me. I sing them to you. 

They may contain words or simply sounds, or light language.

The sounds you will hear are specifically for you. They are deeply healing, beyond what the mind can understand.

One session will last up to 1 hour (including our conversation prior and post channeling).

Exchange is $45.


Baby Whispers

I have a special way of communicating with babies. We tune into each other's field, and I calm them down. ​

My singing voice has a direct calming impact on their state, especially if they're going through a lot of difficulties.

I will take care of your baby and give them a special soothing moment for 1 to 2 hours.

Exchange is $35


Sound Healing

I am the God Mother of a Music Therapy association called Joue Moi de la Musique in Paris.

My intention is to accompany humans with sacred sound, I desire to help newborns start this experience of life in safety and serenity, and elder people say goodbye to it the same way.

In this video I sing them to sleep before a surgery, and during anaesthesia. 

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